Schmoylent - Day 2

Today was the real test of whether a Soylent/Schmoylent-based diet would work for me. I made it through yesterday just fine, but today was the first day I went to the gym after having Schmoylent throughout the day.

After my experience with my breakfast bottle yesterday and getting hungry earlier than I wanted, I tried to slow it down today. Since I was having my left-overs from yesterday I ended up having more for breakfast than I did yesterday so I’m not quite sure if my experience today was due to that or because I drank it at a more even pace. I finished the bottle around 1pm or so and by 2pm I was starting to get hungry again. Even though I’m OK with the regular flavor of Schmoylent I decided I wanted to give the PB2 option a try.

Schmoylent - Day 1

(Note: See my Soylent intro if you haven’t yet: Soylent, Schmoylent)

My Schmoylent arrived a little earlier than I expected! I was relentlessly refreshing the tracking page for the package and mid-day Saturday (today is Monday if you’re from the future) it updated that it had been delivered. On my way to my guitar lesson I stopped by the management office where the package had been dropped off, excited to get home and see what was inside.

I’m not quite sure what I expected to see considering the order said it would include a bag for each day, but that’s what I got! In the picture below you can see all 14 bags packed nicely in the box with a short (personalized, which I thought was a nice touch) note on how to prepare it.

Since I was going to be going to a birthday party on Sunday, though, I decided not to start the Schmoylent until Monday because it would be hard to gauge how much I should have when considering other food in the middle of the day.

Soylent, Schmoylent

“Buh…? Wha…?” you may be thinking. No I’m not talking about the people version. I’m talking about the one that was successfully crowd-funded in June of 2013. This Soylent. If you’re not familiar with it, it’s basically an engineered food. Unlike other “meal replacement” shakes from “health food” companies, this one is designed to give you 100% of your daily nutrients so not only can you replace a meal here and there but you can also replace ALL your meals!

I first heard about Soylent during all the online coverage they received during their initial crowd-funding. While I was excited about the possibilities, I was still rather skeptical of the claims. We’ve all heard about the too good to be true “meal replacement” options that usually end up leaving a lot to be desired. So even though I’ve backed a number of other crowd-funded projects I decided to pass up on this one. That didn’t stop me from continuing to watch the project and hoping that it came to fruition, though.

You can find other blog posts about people living on Soylent but I hope that mine will be helpful to people like me. People who are pretty good on the active side of their life but get pulled down by a bad diet and/or overeating and are looking for an alternative that still gives them enough energy to get through the day.